YouTube in Korean – Learning the language through videos

YouTube truly has something for everyone. That means you can utilize YouTube in Korean studies, too. In this article, we will tell you how you can utilize YouTube for learning.

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There are thousands of videos to watch on YouTube. There are free workout and wellness videos for those interested in exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, music videos from your favorite musicians, and even movies for rent. There are videos of cute animals and vlogs from daily lives to make up routines. And now, this website can even be a tool for studying Korean anytime!

How to say “YouTube” in Korean

The Korean word for “YouTube” is 유튜브 (yutyubeu). So basically, the way to say it is the same as everywhere else in the world, just with Korean-style pronunciation. Below are some more Korean words and phrases related to YouTube that may interest you!

Below are vocabulary words related to YouTube in the Korean language.

(kontencheu jejakja)Content creator
(yugeup huwongeum)Paid sponsorship
(nonpyeong)Review (of movies, books, etc.)

We’ve listed some useful Korean phrases related to YouTube below.


(nan yutyubeureul bogo isseoyo.)
I am watching YouTube.

(jeil joahaneun yutyubeuchaeneoreun mwoyeyo?)
What is your favorite YouTube channel?

(goyangidongyeongsangeul bogihaneun geoseul joahaeyo.)
I like to watch cat videos.

How can you use YouTube to learn Korean?

If you’re new to learning Korean with videos, here are some helpful tips for you.

How can you use YouTube to learn Korean

Don’t forget to subscribe

Whichever YouTuber you want to follow, you’ll want to subscribe and also bookmark them to find them easier each time you log on. In addition, don’t forget to save your favorite videos or ones that feel especially difficult to remember, onto a playlist so that you can keep returning to them quickly over time.

Focus on Korean-learning videos

Do not click on anything unrelated to the Korean language when you are in the middle of learning Korean! It’s easy to get sidetracked and then forget what you were even doing. Although procrastinating is fun, utilizing these for your language learning journey can be a blast, as well!

K-dramas and K-pop can help you learn too

Remember that not all the Korean learning videos people watch on YouTube have to directly teach you a specific grammar pattern or a list of words.

They may also be Korean songs or clips of dramas. You can even rent Korean movies like Train to Busan to become more familiar with the vocabulary directly on this site. Or, you can even watch the very trendy Korean mukbang (먹방, meokbang) videos to aid your Korean learning entertainingly.

Make use of captions

Take advantage of the closed captioning option on the videos, as well. It still hasn’t been developed to a level that wouldn’t leave you scratching your head at points, but it can still be advantageous. Of course, you only need these if there aren’t captions provided by the YouTubers themselves.

The site also offers the possibility to slow down the video speed, and playing with it may be helpful in listening to and understanding different Korean phrases.

Check the comment section

The comment section may prove to be helpful to you, too! Reading comments from other subscribers may give you a better understanding of the topic, and writing your comment in Korean can be a fun, practical practice in the Korean language. And, who knows, you may even find a friend to continue practicing Korean with!

Is YouTube available in South Korea?

Yes! YouTube is also a popular streaming platform in South Korea. The industry of making videos for YouTube is thriving in Korea today. Although mukbangs are perhaps the best type of videos in Korea for gaining millions of viewers, fans, and subscribers, there are numerous different creators and styles of content out there.

YouTube channels for learning Korean

You can use this platform to learn different things, and the Korean language is one of them! Here are some channels that can help you.

90 Day Korean YouTube channel

Our very own 90DayKorean channel is filled with interesting and important information on the Korean alphabet, Korean vocabulary, and Korean grammar patterns. They are taught to you in a detailed but quick fashion by a native Korean speaker. Different topics and sections are presented as short clips, which will help you know things. There are videos for learning Korean words, helpful phrases, asking for someone’s name, and more about Korea, its language, and Korean culture.

90 Day Korean Youtube channel

Other Korean learning channels

In addition to the 90 Day Korean channel, here are more great resources for Korean Youtube videos where you can have Korean lessons, including the following:

What is the YouTube industry like in South Korea?

As we briefly touched upon above, this industry is fruitful for Korean creators at the moment. Research states that famous YouTubers in South Korea make, on average, three times more per month in salary than the average salary in the country.

Thanks to brand sponsorship programs, especially for paid product placements in videos. It is a new line of work for people in Korea and wasn’t even considered taxable income until September 2019.

Whether you want to support your Korean language learning or simply want to enjoy some clips for fun, following some popular and creative Korean channels will be the best of both worlds. Below, we’ve listed a number of YouTubers popular in Korea right now.

Korean Mukbang YouTubers

DONA – a mukbang channel

Hamzy – perhaps one of the most popular mukbang channels

Korean Videos on Everyday Life

Boram Tube Vlog – a vlog featuring small clips of a cute little girl’s everyday life

With Kids – concentrates around a kid building toys together with his dad

Wassup Man – offers various videos, from daily vlogs to specific activities, and is perhaps one of the best YouTubers on this list that people watch when it comes to practicing Korean listening skills simultaneously

SeoeunStory – a kid taking the lead doing a bunch of different things, this time together with her mother

Korean Video on ASMR

Jane ASMR – not a whole lot of talking happens here, but it may be interesting if you want to experience more of ASMR

Korean Video on Beauty and Cosmetics

PONY Syndrome – an internationally famous beauty influencer

Dancing Korean YouTubers

Waveya 2011 – a channel full of stylish dance videos by a dance team of two sisters

Singing Korean YouTubers

JFlaMusic – known for her covers of popular songs, both in English and Korean

Cute Korean Videos

Kittisaurus – if you want to enjoy plenty of cute clips of cats, then this is a great one

Wrap Up

Which types of Korea-related videos do you like to watch on YouTube, if any? Are you also interested in things like mukbang or video lessons? What is your favorite channel to follow, and were the ones on our list already familiar to you? Do you also have subscribers and viewers?

I hope watching some videos on YouTube will also help you learn Korean better and eventually improve your Korean language skills. Let us know in the comments if that is the case!

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