About 90 Day Korean

About 90 Day Korean

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A bit of background about 90 Day Korean: We’re a mixed group of native Koreans and foreigners who live in Korea. We work together to give you all of the info you need about Korean language and culture.

We think the combo of both a native perspective and Korean learners from around the world gives you the best of both worlds.

The 90 Day Korean team creates lots of new content around Korean language and culture regularly. We support our readers with free Korean language and culture content on our blogYouTube channel, and other social media platforms (FacebookInstagramTwitter, etc).

Everything we create on the blog, social media channels, and email is all free. We also have a paid private membership with our online web course that will teach you how to have a 3 minute conversation in the first 90 days.

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Email us: [email protected] or click the blue circle in the bottom right of this page.

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90 Day Korean
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know Korean to study with 90 Day Korean?

You do not need to know Korean, that’s totally optional (and very cool!). Everything we create on our blog is written in English. We also often include the Korean words or phrases in both Hangeul and English along with it. This is because language and culture are intertwined, so by learning about one, you get to know about the other as well.

If you are curious about reading Korean, you can see our teaching methods by downloading our free learn the Korean alphabet guide. If you like that, then you can start on your quest to have a 3 minute conversation in Korean in the first 90 days.

You can do that for free on our blog, or join the Inner Circle where you’ll get a structured course, personal Korean coaching, a mobile app, and a supportive community to help keep you motivated.

How did 90 Day Korean start?

90 Day Korean has come a long way since we first released our 90 Minute Challenge to learn the Korean alphabet in late 2013. Many now use our resources to study Korean in the comfort of their own home. We publish regular free content by email, FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestYouTube, and our blog – plus we have interesting challenges, quizzes, and contests that inspire, educate and engage readers.

Our passion is helping people learn about Korean language and culture, plain and simple.

We bring together principles from psychology, education, coaching and rapid language learning to present content so you can study Korean in a fun, motivating way using the most efficient method possible.

The 90 Day Korean team is made up of both native and non-native Korean speakers with backgrounds in various disciplines including, but not limited to, psychology, education, coaching and writing. 90 Day Korean was born from the simple concept that the traditional materials for studying Korean were outdated and needed an overhaul. We came with one goal in mind: to help you learn Korean fast!

What is 90 Day Korean?

We help people learn to have a 3 minute conversation in Korean in the first 90 days. From there we help people hit their Korean goals using 90 day goalposts.

The idea behind the company started when we saw too many people trying to study Korean without learning Hangeul. Instead, we saw people using romanized English to learn Korean. That makes it unnecessarily hard and slow, and we wanted to help with that. 

We had to prove to the world that it is easy to learn the Korean alphabet, and we created a fun challenge as evidence.

Since then, we’ve had the honor of helping thousands of students hit their Korean language learning dreams, and are looking forward to helping more.

How do I get started learning with 90 Day Korean?

Head over to the Start Here page and bookmark it. If you cannot read Korean, download our free PDF guide, the 90 Minute Challenge

Sign up for our mailing list here. If you sign up to get our free 90 Minute Challenge guide, then you’ll get our email updates, too.

For our structured online course with personal coaching and full support, register here.

Is 90 Day Korean free?

We have both free and paid content. Everything on our blog, YouTube channel, social media accounts, and in our emails is 100% free. If you join our email list, you will get free lessons by email on a regular basis.

Inner Circle structured 90-day courses are part of our paid membership. The membership includes full support, speaking sessions, and your own personal coach to check your work and give you feedback. You can find out more about our paid membership here.

Why is it called 90 Day Korean?

There are 4 structured courses inside the 90 Day Korean membership program. Each of the courses is made up of 13 weeks (90 days) of lessons. Each course can be completed in 90 days at our suggested pace. You can also go as fast or as slow as you'd like at any time. We offer the structure if you want to follow it, but the program is flexible to match your style. 

Will I learn Korean in 90 days?

Yes. If you follow the structured online courses inside the 90 Day Korean membership, you will be able to have a 3-minute conversation in Korean in the first 90 days. If you want to develop your Korean skills further after the first 90 days, you can continue with the next courses.

You can adjust your learning speed at any time. The speed you learn Korean depends on the amount of time and effort you put into learning the language. 

Are there class schedules in 90 Day Korean?

There are no class schedules. Our structured courses do follow a schedule according to when you start them. However, they are self-paced and can be adjusted according to your learning style and schedule. They are designed similar to a university course with lessons you and then put into practice using our Challenge exercises.

Are the 90 Day Korean classes done through video or audio only?

The 90 Day Korean courses are self study lessons with full support. They are not live classes. The lessons are primarily text lessons with audio, games, activities, and Challenge exercises. The course currently does not have video. We have plans to add in some video to complement the course, but the main content will still be structured text lessons. This allows us to make constant improvements and upgrades the program. The courses are self-paced so you can advance through them as quickly or as slowly as you'd like. 

Are there 1 on 1 video classes?

No, we don't have 1 on 1 video classes. The course is designed as self-study with personal coaching so you can learn on your own schedule. The program has clickable audio throughout the lessons so you can practice the correct pronunciation of the words and sentences.

Are the teachers in 90 Day Korean native Korean speakers?

Yes, our coaches are native Korean speakers who can help you with any Korean questions you have as you go through your lessons. We also have support staff members who are Korean learners just like you, so they can help explain the language in a way you can understand.

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