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"After talking to a Korean friend of mine I have decided that the name you guys recommended was the coolest sounding one. Thanks so much for giving me a cool Korean-sounding name!"

- Naming Service Recipient

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Course and Personalized Naming Service:

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The Korean Naming Service gives you a specially chosen Korean name that fits you.

There are three simple steps:


Take the 10 minute Korean Name mini-course


Fill out your Korean name questionnaire


Discuss your Korean name options with a specialist from the Korean Naming Team

What's the deal with Korean names?

Koreans and English names

It's very common for Koreans to get English names. Often times they think of something on their own, or their teachers give them a name.

Usually they are ok with their names, but not really excited.

And understandably--sometimes the names can be a bit outdated or not a good match for them.

Sometimes they love their English name. This is a great feeling!

Picking A Korean Name

The same thing goes for Korean names, it's important to get one that fits. Your name is unique to you, and it's one of the first things people know about you when they meet you. When you get a name that sounds good to you, and also has meaning that matches your personality, you feel more confident and more attached to the name.

Why Do People Get Korean Names?

There are various reasons, but here are some of the most common reasons people get Korean names:

1. They have a Korean spouse, significant other, or family member. Having a Korean name can make them feel closer to you, and make it more comfortable for relatives to pronounce your name.

2. They are interested in K-Pop, K-Dramas, or Korean movies. Fans like to have a Korean name they can write on message boards or to type to their Korean friends on KakaoTalk.

3. They are moving, traveling, or living in Korea. When you have a name that fits in with the locals, small things become easier. Simple things like filling out forms, leaving your name on a restaurant waiting list, or introducing yourself becomes a much more enjoyable experience.

4. They are interested in Korean culture. Having a Korean name is a fun way to become more connected with Korean culture. You can do things like explain your Korean name's meaning to friends or create usernames with your Korean name on forums, message boards, or chat apps.

5. They are doing business in Korea or with Koreans. Putting your Korean name on your business card or having a Korean name can show cultural awareness and interest in Korea. It can be a talking point among business associates.

How Can I Get a Korean Name?

You can find some great tips on creating your own name on this page, it gives several methods. Choose whichever one works best for you!

We also have a special service that creates a customized Korean name based on your personality and profile. This is a one-time purchase that gives you direct access to our Korean Naming Team. You can find out more by scrolling below.

Korean Naming Service

First, you take a short mini-course on Korean names, which takes about 10 minutes.

Korean name - step 1 page

This gives you the vital information about Korean names that you need to know. Second, you fill out a brief questionnaire about yourself. Lastly, the Korean name team gets back to you with your very own Korean name! You'll get 3 choices of names, and the meaning behind it. The Naming Team will also give you their recommended pick. Discuss your name with the team, and get revisions if you want something different. Once you find something you like, your Korean Name is complete!


We wanted to make the Korean Naming Service a risk-free purchase. We stand behind every product.

Here's the deal: Give the Korean Naming Service a good, honest try. If you didn't love it, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a prompt and courteous full refund.

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