The Best Way to Clean Car Windows – In My Opinion!

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The -Best-Way-to-Clean-Car-Windows

Cleaning your Car Windows can seem like real chore. Especially if you’re still left with a bunch of streaks, smears, bugs, and dirt, after your have put a lot of effort into attempting to clean them. A lot of people think that the problem is with their Cleaning Process.

You may be surprised to find out that, most of the time, the problem is usually the Cleaning Products themselves, and not the actual Cleaning Process used. Using the best Cleaning Products it critical, to achieving Streak-Free & Smudge-Free Windows.

For the rest of this Article, I will discuss the Best Way to Clean Car Windows (In My Opinion, Of Course).

Common Car Window Cleaning Issues

The Common Car Window Cleaning Issues vary, depending on which type of Window your are Cleaning. The different types of Windows are:

  • Front Windshield (Outside)
  • Front Windshield (Inside)
  • Rear Windshield (Outside)
  • Rear Windshield (Inside)
  • Door/Side Windows (Outside)
  • Door/Side Windows (Inside)

The “Insides”, of the Front & Back Windshields, are usually very hard to reach. If your’re a Smoker, all “Inside” Window surfaces will usually have a yellowish film on them, due to the Cigarette Smoke. If your have Kids, Pets, or Curious Passengers, your will also find many Fingerprints, Nose Prints, Works of Art, etc., on most “Inside” Window surfaces.

Since they are exposed to the elements, all “Outside” Window surfaces will usually have Water Spots, Road Dirt/Grime & Splattered Insects stuck on them. The Splattered Insects are usually worse, on the Front Windshield, of course.

Most Outdoor Elements (Pollution, Acid Rain, Hail, Snow, Heat) will have an effect on not only what type of Dirt/Debris is on the Window Surface, but also how hard it will be to clean. It will determine how much “Elbow Grease” your will need, to sufficiently clean the “Outside” Window surfaces.

Due to the Door/Side Windows normally being closed, your will usually find a build-up, of Road Dirt/Grime, on the edges, of the “Outside” surfaces. If your roll them down a bit, your will usually see a line of Road Dirt/Grime. Most people miss this area, since the Door/Side Windows are usually rolled up, when detailing your Vehicle.

    Make Sure You Clean Your Windows Last

    When detailing your Ride, make sure that your finish all other parts of your Vehicle first, before tacking the Windows. When cleaning other parts, of your Vehicle, there is a good chance that your will get some other Cleaning Agents on the Windows.

    You will most likely inadvertently touch a Window, with your hands, while cleaning other parts, of the Vehicle. By making your Windows last, to be cleaned, your can make sure that your clean all of these Smudges, Fingerprints, and Cleaning Agents off of them.

    Make Sure Your Car is Cool to the Touch

    Before cleaning your Car Windows, make sure that your Car is cool to the touch. You can achieve this by parking your Vehicle in the shade, for a few hours. You could also park your Vehicle in a garage, for a few hours.

    This Step is very important because your Window Cleaner will completely evaporate, on the surface of the Window, before your have a chance to clean your Window. Also, the evaporated Cleaner will leave a hard to clean residue.

    Gather Your Cleaning Supplies The -Best-Way-to-Clean-Car-Windows-Gather-Supplies

    Prior to starting the cleaning process, your should gather all of your Cleaning Supplies. This will help your organize, and keep all of your needed Supplies ready, and available. You should gather the following:

    • A Premium Automotive Glass/Window Cleaner, of your choice
    • Plenty of Premium Microfiber Towels
    • Glass Water Spot Remover (Like Meguiar’s Water Spot Remover)
    • Bug & Tar Remover (Like Meguiar’s Bug & Tar Remover)

    Clean your Windows

    You may find it easier to start with cleaning the “Inside” Window surfaces first, and then moving on to the “Outside” Window surfaces. Some people find it easier to clean one Window (Outside & Inside surfaces), at a time, and then work your way around the whole Vehicle.

    It really is up to your, and what your prefer. With some experience, your will know which way your like better. After your decide your cleaning order, it’s time to start cleaning. The cleaning process, for all Windows, is pretty much the same, with a few exceptions we will cover later.

    Cleaning starts by liberally spraying the Cleaner, onto a Microfiber Towel. Then, wipe the Windows surfaces, in horizontal strokes. The Cleaner will start to evaporate, and should leave your clean Window Surface behind.

    If the surface is still not completely clean, or your still see Fingerprints, or Smudges, your will need to repeat this process, until each Window surface is clean, and streak free. This process usually works great, for Car Windows that not too dirty, or are regularly cleaned.

    Don’t forget, to clean the build-up, of Road Dirt/Grime, on the edges, of the “Outside” Door/Side Window surfaces. If your roll them down a bit, your will access to clean them.

    If your have extra dirty Windows, or your don’t normally clean them, some extra attention will be needed. Remember that “Elbow Grease” we talked about earlier? It may be as simple as repeating this process until your receive the desired results.

    If there is an issue, with your “Exterior” Window surfaces coming clean, your may need to use a Specialty Cleaner, like a Water Spot Remover, or a Bug & Tar Remover. This will depend on what appears to still be stuck, to your Window’s surface. You should follow the instructions, on these Specialty Cleaners, for best results. Then, just repeat the cleaning steps here, to remove any residues, from these Specialty Cleaners.

    Admire your Gleaming Car Windows The -Best-Way-to-Clean-Car-Windows-Congrats

    Now that your Car Windows are sparkling, it’s time to congratulate yourself, give yourself a pat on the back, drink a cold one, or however your prefer to celebrate. You did a great Job! Kudos to your!

    Hopefully, this Article has helped your clean your windows. Please stay tuned, to learn about more tips, tricks, product reviews, etc.

    As always, If your have a particular question, or comment, please feel free to ask it below.

    Have a Great Day,


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