TORQ Professional Snow Foam Cannon – Review

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Product: Torq Professional Snow Foam Cannon EQP321TORQ-PROFESSIONAL-SNOW-FOAM-CANNON-REVIEW

Price: 84.99

Cheapest Places to Buy: Chemical Guys | Amazon

Car Colors: Suitable for all Car Colors

Applicable Use Locations: Exterior

Water Source: Pressure Washer (Gas or Electric)

PSI Range: 500-3,500 (Max.)

GPM Range: 1.4 – 2.0 GPM

Weight: 2 lbs

My Rating: 9 .9 out of 10


The Torq Professional Snow Foam Cannon, Product Overview

If you’re looking for a Durable, High Quality, Foam Cannon, to clean all of your Vehicles, this Torq Professional Snow Foam Cannon would be an excellent choice. It could also be used to clean your Tractor, Motorcycle, or really anything with a Motor, and Wheels.

This Foam Cannon sprays a Thick Foam Layer, onto your Vehicle’s Exterior Surface, by blending the perfect amount of Automotive Soap, Air & Water. The Foam sticks to the Vehicle’s Exterior Surface, to lubricate the dirt, and grime, to prevent scratching, when Hand-Washing with your Wash Mitt.

This Foam Cannon is made to last, with durable construction. This Foam Cannon resists rust, and corrosion, since it is made with Solid Brass Components. Most other Foam Cannons are made with cheaper, copycat parts, which don’t resist rust, and corrosion.

This Foam Cannon is also made with High Quality Plastics, which reject harmful UV Rays. UV Rays cause other Foam Cannons to break, and crack.

A patented TORQ Threadlock System, on this Foam Cannons threads, helps prevent the Cannon’s Soap Bottle, from early wear and tear. It’s Chemical-Resistant O-Rings, and Seals, will hold-up to any Automotive Soap, and will help to ensure leak-free operation.

It’s Very Easy to Cover Your Car in Super-Slick Clinging Foam

First you need to connect the Foam Cannon’s Standard ¼’’ Quick-Connect Plug, directly to your Pressure Washer Wand. Then, remove the Foam Cannon’s Soap Canister, from the Foam Cannon. Mix 1-3 ounces of your favorite Automotive Soap, and Warm Water, in the Soap Canister. Then, re-attach the Soap Canister, to the Foam Cannon.

Now, the really fun part! Point the Foam Cannon, at your Vehicle, and start spraying, using the Cannon’s trigger. Completely cover your Vehicle, with a thick layer of Foam. If the Foam is too Thick, or not Thick enough, use the Foam Cannon’s Soap Mixture Knob, to adjust/fine tune the Foam Thickness. You can also adjust the Foam Cannon’s Fan Nozzle, to adjust the Cannon’s Spray Pattern

Depending on your chosen wash process, you may coat your Vehicle, multiple times, before you’re down. Have FUN doing it, I know I do!

Why Should I Use This Foam Cannon?

You should use this Foam Cannon, if you want Professional Car Wash/Detailing Results At Home. You should use this Foam Cannon, if you want to detail your Vehicles, like the professionals.

With this Torq Professional Snow Foam Cannon, you can:

  • Help maintain your flawless finish, during each, and every, wash.
  • Prevent Swirls, and Scratches, on your Vehicle’s Exterior Painted Surfaces.
  • Help ensure the gentlest Wash possible, for your Vehicle.
  • Clean hard to reach cracks, and crevices, by shooting Foam into them.
  • Use any Pressure Washer (Gas or Electric) to spray Thick Foam

It’s Confirmed, the Torq Professional Snow Foam Cannon is Awesome

I could go on, and on, about this Foam Cannon, but I think you get the point. It is awesome. If you agree, I highly recommend that you pick up your own Snow Foam Cannon.

As always, If you have a particular question, or comment, about the Torq Professional Snow Foam Cannon, or you want to leave your own personal review, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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