KakaoTalk Friends: Character Bios and Stores to See Them

If you want to express yourself over text, you’re definitely going to want to know about KakaoTalk Friends (also called Kakao Friends).

These little guys have worked their way into the heart of modern Korea. We’ll tell you all about Kakao Friends, how you can use them with messaging, and where you can see them in person!

Neo and Frodo in the Kakao Friends Store

What is KakaoTalk?

KakaoTalk is a popular South Korean free mobile messaging application developed by Kakao Corporation. With this app, users can make audio and video calls, send and receive messages, and record voice notes. Various functions are also included, including group chat, mobile gaming, and payment options.

It’s a great way to talk in Korean with your friends no matter where you are in the world!

“KakaoTalk” in Korean

Before introducing you to our Kakao Friends, let’s first learn what “KakaoTalk” looks like in Hangeul.

You can write “KakaoTalk” in Korean as 카카오톡 (kakaotok). Another term commonly used to refer to KakaoTalk is “KaTalk,” which in Korean is written as 카톡 (katok).

Kakao Friends

The Kakao Friends are an intriguing bunch that can help you bring laughter and life to your messages with their very different and complex personalities. Whether you are happy about getting a promotion at work, looking forward to a movie date, or excited about your most recent Korean lesson, there’s a KakaoTalk Friend perfect for spicing up your texts.

KakaoTalk Friends Group
Copyright ⓒ Daum Kakao Corp.

How to get KakaoTalk Friends Stickers & Emoticons

You can get Kakao Friends emoticons by downloading the KakaoTalk chat app. After downloading KakaoTalk on your smartphone, you can already search for and download your preferred sticker packs. Some Kakao Friends are free, and some are paid. You’ll find come across these emoticons when sending text messages which makes the conversation extra fun!

If you want to make Korean friends, check out this resource: https://www.90daykorean.com/meet-korean-friends-online/

Why Use KakaoTalk Emoticons?

Texting has become a staple for quick and easy communication, but sometimes words fall short when getting your message across. It can be hard to convey tone, and when your friends can’t see your face, they can’t always figure out what you’re trying to say.

If you’d like to become more creative and expressive with your text messages, Korean emoticons can be useful. But if you’d like to be extra, KakaoTalk emoticons are also as helpful. With KakaoTalk Friends, everything becomes much easier to understand. There’s a Kakao Friend for almost every situation, and deciding who you’re going to choose to go along with your text is a fun way to connect with your loved ones.

You can get these sticker packs (sometimes also called emoticons) inside the KakaoTalk application. Most of them are for purchase (usually between $2-3 USD), although occasionally, there will be promotions for free sticker sets.

KakaoTalk Friends Character Bios

Ready to find out more about these crazy characters? Read on to find out more about the Kakao Friends – you might be surprised at some of their backstories!

We’ve included the characters’ names in Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, for you. If you can’t read Hangul yet, it is possible to learn in just ninety minutes, so what are you waiting for?

1) Groovy Jay-G (제이지)

Groovy Jay-G KakaoTalk Friends
Copyright ⓒ Daum Kakao Corp.

With Groovy Jay-G (제이지), there’s more than meets the eye. Sure, on the surface, he’s a suave secret agent with an insanely cool afro and a freshly pressed suit. However, behind his daytime exterior, by night, he is a groovy pop star dropping beats and performing his heart out! He idolizes the always cool Jay-Z, and among the Kakaotalk friends, he’s the one who loves to have a good time.

Do you have a passion you’re pursuing after you’re done with your 9 to 5? Are you the cool and collected one in your group of friends? If so, Jay-G is the KakaoTalk Friend to help you bring your texts to life!

2) Tube (튜브)

Tube KakaoTalk Friends with Tiny Feet
Copyright ⓒ Daum Kakao Corp.

Tube (튜브) is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the KakaoTalk Friends. On the surface, he is a meek, friendly duck who doesn’t like standing up to others to get his point across. He has tiny feet that make him a little self-conscious, so he wears a pair of flippers to change his appearance.

Tube stays a mild feathered friend until something scary happens – then, out of nowhere, his alter ego takes over! Tube’s alter ego is a Hulk-like crazy green duck that doesn’t back down and readily expresses anger.

If you tend to be a dynamic person who can quickly go from calm to angry when a situation gets intense, Tube is perfect for you! Use him in your texts to get your friends on the same page.

3) Frodo (프로도)

Frodo KakaoTalk Friends
Copyright ⓒ Daum Kakao Corp.

Frodo (프로도) is one of the more complex Kakao Friends. Sure, on the surface, he’s a spoiled dog from the big city who can get a little bossy. He loves the finer things in life – if it glitters, Frodo will love it!

However, just below the surface, he’s not quite as confident as he may seem. He wasn’t always the wealthy urbanite and tends to be a bit embarrassed about his less-than-glamorous background.

If you’re feeling something a little too complex for words alone, Frodo is the KakaoTalk Friend who can help you get your feelings across with a well-placed emoticon.

4) Neo (네오)

Neo (네오) is the Kakaotalk Friend with a sleek and sophisticated urban cat with a haircut that deserves to be on the cover of a fashion magazine – and she knows it! Neo is a beauty who doesn’t need to be told twice about how lovely she is. However, as you can imagine, this means that she can get pretty bossy with the other Kakao Friends. She knows she deserves the best, which is why she’s with Frodo, the love of her life.

Neo KakaoTalk Friends
Copyright ⓒ Daum Kakao Corp.

Frodo and Neo are frequently seen together, watching movies and holding hands like lovebirds tend to do. They both have strong personalities, so bickering constantly is not unusual for them.

Despite the fighting, they still know deep down that they’re better together, and they can’t stay mad at each other for long. Are you having a great hair day? Are you trying to put a little argument behind you with your friends? If so, think about using Neo and Frodo to help you share what is going on with you!

5) Apeach (어피치)

Apeach KakaoTalk Friends
Copyright ⓒ Daum Kakao Corp.

Sometimes, texts are serious and intense. Sometimes, not so much. Apeach (어피치) is a sexy peach brought to life who is perfect for your texts that are fun and flirty. Apeach was brought to life by the ambitious scientist Con and spends its life dancing around and acting out mischievous pranks on the KakaoTalk Friends.

Apeach left the garden where it was born in pursuit of excitement and laughter and loves an excuse to be silly. Are you the bubbly, flirty one in your friend circle trying to text your crush to go out this weekend? Are you always down for a good dance party? Do you like to pull mischievous pranks on your friends? If so, you and Apeach will get along just fine!

6 & 7) Muzi & Con (무지 & 콘)

Muzi&Con KakaoTalk Friends
Copyright ⓒ Daum Kakao Corp.

Last but not least of the KakaoTalk friends, Muzi (무지) is a spunky yellow radish brought to life by his scientist sidekick and creator, Con (콘).

Muzi loves wearing bunny suits to boost his confidence, and he is frequently found seeking new adventures and escapades. There’s nothing that these two can’t do!

If you’re feeling playful and want to spice up your texts, let Muzi & Con help you bring some adventure into your life.

8) Ryan (라이언)

Use Ryan to express anger and compassion over KakaoTalk
Copyright ⓒ Daum Kakao Corp.

Ryan (라이언) is the newest addition to the Kakao family, and he doesn’t disappoint! This lovable lion has quite a personality. Easy-angered but also very caring, he’ll be the go-to guy for a range of emotions.

Attitude is the name of Ryan’s game, and he’s got plenty of it! He knows how to display a range of emotions. Pride, compassion, sadness, and nervousness are some of his favorites.

Make sure you add a Ryan sticker pack to your Kakao lineup for some fierce and friendly emotions.

Can't read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes!

KakaoTalk Friends Online Store

Want to get some official KakaoTalk Friends merchandise for yourself or maybe as a gift for a friend? Then check out the KakaoTalk Friends Online Store and search for your favorite Kakao Friends gear and souvenirs!

Give them a ring or email their customer service center if you have questions about their products. Their contact info is at the bottom of their homepage.

In addition to Kakao memorabilia, there are also profiles of the characters and information about the KakaoTalk Friends stores in Korea. Currently, it’s all in Korean, so it’s a great way to brush up on your Korean abilities!

KakaoTalk Friends Shop

If you’ve dreamt of meeting a life-size version of the Kakao Friends, you’re in luck! There are several stores all around Korea that you can visit.

Muzi and Con

The three main flagship stores are in Seoul (Gangnam, Hongdae, and Busan. The main difference between flagship and normal stores is their size. The flagship stores tend to have more characters that you can pose with.

KakaoFriends at a flagship store in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

Apeach KakaoTalk Friend

Currently, there are about 30 stores nationwide. Here is a list of the Kakao Friends Stores in Korea and the customer center numbers. Make sure to call or check the website before you go since the store info changes regularly.

If you have to pick one, we recommend the Gangnam flagship location. There are a lot of characters to photograph and merchandise to choose from. It’s a bit crowded, so best to go during the day if you have a flexible schedule.

Most of the stores are open daily from about 10 am – 10 pm.

SeoulShinchon Hyundai Department Store02-3145-1722
SeoulApkujeong CGV02-544-5777
SeoulYeouido CGV02-6137-5550
SeoulYongsan CGV02-2012-2020
SeoulGangnam Shinsegae02-3479-1328
SeoulSangam CGV02-304-1088
GyeongiHyundai Department Store Pangyo031-5170-2451
IncheonIncheon CGV032-432-0828
DaeguHyundai Department Store Daegu053-245-3039
BusanLotte Department Store Busan051-810-4757
GwangjuShinsegae Department Store Gwangju062-360-1733
GyungnamLotte Premium Outlet Gimhae055-900-2418
UlsanLotte Department Store Ulsan052960-5325

Wrap Up

Do you find yourself using one of the KakaoTalk Friends more often than the others? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. What about my favorite KakaoTalk friend, Jordy? Jordy is a dinosaur who stays hidden from the world and loves to snack, something I can really relate to! I have also seen a few Jordy-themed beauty supplies at skincare stores in Seoul. (Also, Ryan just adopted a cat named Choonsik who only eats sweet potatoes.) Justice for Jordy!

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